Bee & Wasp Removal in Austin, TX

Unlike honeybees, wasps are a menace to our homes and wellbeing. If you need professional wasp removal services in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas, Keith’s Bee Service provides eco-friendly solutions for insect control.
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Wasp Removal Services in Austin, TX

There are 30,000 documented wasp species. However, only a few hundred are highly threatening to animals, animals, and buildings. The Paper wasp, the Yellow Jacket, and the Mexican Honey Wasp are too dangerous for DIY removal. Keith’s Bee Service uses chemical-free, no-kill techniques to treat bee and wasp infestations.

  • Chemical-free treatment

    Many specialists in Austin, TX use harsh chemicals to kill wasps, mainly the Yellow Jacket and Paper wasp. Yellow Jackets flock to picnics and barbeques, while Paper wasps feast on the wood pulp in trees and your home’s foundation. Chemical removal can stamp out a wasp infestation, but this method puts you and your loved ones at risk of harm. Moreover, these chemicals threaten endangered honeybees. Keith’s Bee Service treats bee and wasp infestations using a non-toxic, organic spray.

  • No-kill removal

    Bees and wasps are beneficial for the garden and the ecosystem. They only become a problem when they nest on your property and damage your home’s infrastructure. Unlike other bee specialists, Keith’s Bee Service recognizes bees and wasps as endangered wildlife. We rehome all the insects we remove from your property.

  • Same day service

    If you find evidence of wasps in your garage or spot a hive in your tree branches, do not wait to hire a professional. Keith’s Bee Service will quickly take care of your bee or wasp problem. Schedule a same-day evaluation with us for your peace of mind.

  • Our Guarantee

    We offer a one-year guarantee on our bee control services and assure complete peace of mind that when we’re done, bees won’t be troubling you again anytime soon. We offer a six month guarantee on Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Removal.

Wasp Extermination in Austin, TX

Wasps are not afraid to use their stingers, and their venom can be toxic in young children and pets. If you spot a wasp colony in or around your property, contact us to safely treat your infestation problem.

  • Chemical-Free Treatment

    Chemical removal efficiently targets bee and wasp colonies, but at a cost. Your garden, pets, and children are vulnerable to pesticides in these chemicals. We at Keith’s Bee Service use only non-toxic sprays to treat and prevent bee and wasp infestations.

  • No-Kill Removal

    It is easy to confuse a bee with a Yellow Jacket. The Yellow Jacket is venomous and vicious; when one attacks, more are guaranteed to follow. But this was also preventing spiders, caterpillars, and flies from overpopulating, which is why Keith’s Bee Service uses no-kill removal methods.

  • Same-Day Service

    We understand that being attacked by bees and wasps is a terrifying experience. To keep you and your family safe, Keith’s Bee Service offers same-day removal services by extensively trained bee specialists.

  • Six Month Guarantee

    If you see a new Yellow Jacket or Mexican Honey Wasp nest or signs that a Paper wasp colony is eating away at your deck, do not hesitate to call us back. Keith’s Bee Service offers a
    Six Month guarantee on bee and wasp removal services.

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Do you need Wasp Removal or Wasp Extermination Services in Austin, TX?

You spot a nest in your tree or your attic. You cannot tell if it is a honeybee, a Paper wasp, or something more dangerous. Before you put on rubber gloves and risk getting stung, Keith’s Bee Service can help. We have years of experience humanely removing bee and wasp colonies from properties in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Austin Removal FAQs

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  • How Soon Can I Have Wasps Removed in Austin, Texas?

    Warm weather and abundant greenery make Texas a hot spot for bee and wasp colonies. Keith’s Bee Service offers same-day removal services to prevent a small problem from turning into a costly catastrophe. Give us a call to work with one of our expert bee specialists today.

  • How Invasive are Your Removal Techniques?

    From pollinating flowers to controlling cicadas and other small insects from overpopulating, bees and wasps are important to Austin’s ecosystem. We at Keith’s Bee Service protect vulnerable insects using non-invasive removal technology. First, we locate the area(s) where the Yellow Jacket, Paper wasp, or Mexican Honey Wasp have colonized. Then our bee specialist removes the nests and prepares the wasps for rehoming.

  • Do You Kill the Wasps when You Remove Them?

    We use a non-toxic compound and no-kill removal methods to treat wasp infestations. If you think you may have a Yellow Jacket, Paper wasp, or Mexican Honey Wasp nest on your property, call Keith’s Bee Service for a quick and efficient removal that will not hurt the environment.

  • Do You Guarantee Your Services?

    Keith’s Bee Service offers a Six Month guarantee on bee and wasp removal services.