October 10, 2023

"Keith just removed an in ground Yellowjacket hive for me. Why give another 5 star review after he has so many? Because knowledgeable + efficient + friendly + reasonable = 5 stars."
September 20, 2023

"We recently worked with Keith's Bee Services for a bee hive removal. I highly recommend using this company if you are looking for someone who is professional, fast and affordable. Compared to many companies this company stands out for their prices, work ethic and customer service. Thank you again to Keith's Bee Services!"
August 1, 2023

"We had a paper wasp nest under our backyard playscape and I was so scared my toddler would get hurt. Keith was able to come take care of it way faster than I expected. He was friendly, patient, and informative and I feel so good about supporting a family business—especially one that also does such important work rehoming honeybees. A few weeks ago, I also got to meet Keith’s partner Jessica when I suspected we had a nest. Both of them clearly love what they do. The service we got comes with a 6 month guarantee which suggests they have a ton of confidence in the efficacy of their treatments. Thanks so much!"
July 18, 2023

"My boss asked me to find a bee removal service for her Airbnb/wedding venue that could relocate the bees instead of killing them. The property is somewhat rural and developed a bad red wasp problem over the past few years (we've gone through countless cans of wasp spray and a few stings.) I saw a wonderful review for Keith's Bee Service on nextdoor in regards to a bee relocation and wasp treatment. They very much lived up to the nextdoor review!! Jessica showed up right on time and went straight to work on trapping the bees (they were located in an oak tree knothole about 8' off the ground) for relocation and then moved onto our hefty red wasp problem. She was incredibly thorough in the terrible 106 degree Texas heat. I personally use a pest control service at my home and she went so far above and beyond anything i've ever seen my pest control company do. She killed around 136 red wasps and treated the areas to help prevent their return! She explained what we could expect post treatment along with their guarantee. I will be recommending them to anyone with a similar issue in the future! Thanks again for your wonderful and prompt service!"
July 14, 2023

"Would highly recommend Keith's Bee Service to anyone that I know! We had an emergency issue in our community and this company was able to come out almost immediately to help get this removed. Our residents were very grateful and we will definitely be using them for future services!"
Keith's Bee Service