Bee & Wasp Removal in Northwest Austin, TX

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Removal Services in Northwest Austin, TX

Our professionals have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to removal in Northwest Austin, TX. Some of the highlights of our treatment include:

  • Chemical-free treatment

    We do not use any chemicals when we provide our services. As a result, your grass, plants, shrubs, and trees will remain safe. Furthermore, your drinking water will also be safe as a result of our commitment to chemical-free treatments.

  • No-kill removal

    Furthermore, we are able to remove bees without killing them. We know that bees are an endangered species and that is just another reason why we stay away from chemicals.

  • Same day service

    If you have a bee problem in your home, we know that you want it taken care of immediately. That is why we provide same-day service. Give us a call in the morning and we will make our schedule work with yours. Our professionals can respond to your needs within 24 hours!

  • Our guarantee

    We offer a one-year guarantee on our bee control services and assure complete peace of mind that when we’re done, bees won’t be troubling you again anytime soon. We offer a six month guarantee on Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Removal.

Removal in Northwest Austin, TX

We also provide removal services in Northwest Austin, TX. When it comes to removal in the local area, our services include:

  • Chemical-Free Treatment

    We do not use any chemicals when we provide our services. As a result, your grass, plants, shrubs, and trees will remain safe. Furthermore, your drinking water will also be safe as a result of our commitment to chemical-free treatments.”

  • No-Kill Removal

    Even though we provide extermination services, we do not kill them! We simply remove them from your property with trained, proven techniques and relocate them somewhere else. We know that bees play an important role in the community and we strive to preserve them.

  • Same-Day Service

    We are happy to come out and provide same-day services if you have bee issues. Our professionals will work with your schedule to make sure that your bee problems are taken care of quickly. We will handle your needs within 24 hours!

  • One-Year Guarantee

    Our removal services come with a one-year guarantee. This means that if the bees come back before that time, you can call us to safety remove the bees instead of extermination. This is at no charge to you.

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Points of Interest & Activities in Northwest Austin, TX

At Keith’s Bee Services, we are honored to serve the area in and around Northwest Austin, TX. We have fallen in love with the local area and some of our favorite points of interest and activities include:

  • The Domain

    Domain in Austin, TX is a Trendy, open-air shopping center in Northwest Austin, offering your favorite shops, gourmet dining, and the best entertainment, with many exclusive Austin hot spots.

  • Top Golf Austin

    At Topgolf, our goal is to help you create unforgettable experiences with friends and family. Each venue features fun and competitive golf games for all ages, climate-controlled playing “bays” similar to a bowling lane, an impressive food and drink menu, full-service restaurant and bar, private spaces for groups of any size, HDTVs to watch the big game and a music selection that will make every visit feel like a party

  • Ifly Austin Tx

    Since opening our first location in 1998, iFly has empowered over 10 million people to experience the freedom and thrill of flying. Our indoor skydiving facilities have state-of-the-art wind tunnels, and are open to all ages. You don’t need to have any experience either — we’ll teach you! Whether you’re planning your next corporate team building outing, a birthday party, or a fun activity with friends, iFly in the Austin area could be the unique experience you’re looking for! Check us out and book your flight today!

  • French Quarter Grille

    13000 N. I-35 #600,
    Monday-Friday 11am-2pm
    Tuesday-Thursday 5-9pm
    Friday-Saturday 5-10pm

    The most important thing to remember when dining at the French Quarter Grille is to pace oneself and save room for dessert. Don’t get me wrong – based on our recent sampling of the various examples of the Cajun/Creole culinary canon featured on the menu here, everything from humble gumbos, étouffées, and po’boys to elegant entrées bathed in sophisticated sauces are well-executed and satisfying. It’s just that the food is rich and the portions more than generous, and one of the desserts waiting at the end of the meal is truly worth some early meal discipline.

Do You Need Removal Services in Northwest Austin, TX?

Are you looking for removal services in Northwest Austin, TX? Trust our professionals to help you! Our technicians and experts are highly trained and experienced in dealing with bee problems! We would be happy to leverage our skills to help you as well! Contact us today to learn more about our services! We would be honored to help you!

Northwest Austin, TX Bee FAQs

At Keith’s Bee Services, our team takes a tremendous amount of pride in the services that we provide to our customers. There are a few common questions that we get asked about removal in the local area. Some of the most common questions include:

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  • How Soon Can I Have Bees Removed in Northwest Austin, TX?

    If you have bees near your home or office, we provide same-day removal services. Our professionals can come out and help you within 24 hours, taking care of the problem as quickly as possible.

  • How Invasive are Your Removal Techniques?

    Our removal techniques are not invasive at all. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we can remove and relocate bees without using chemicals. Not only does this keep the bees safe but it keeps your property safe as well.

  • Do You Kill the Bees When You Remove Them?

    No! We do not kill the bees when we remove them! We know that bees are an endangered species and they play a critical role in the health of the ecosystem. That is why we strive to keep the bees alive when we remove them.

  • Do You Guarantee Your Services?

    Yes! Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced. Therefore, we have a lot of confidence in our skills. That is why we provide a one-year guarantee on all of our services. If you have problems within the next 12 months, give us a call! We will gladly handle your bee issues!