Bee & Wasp Removal in Kyle, TX

Are you tired of being met with swarms of bees every time you enter or leave your property? Bees are a nuisance, can be hazardous to your health, and, over time, become highly destructive wherever they breed and feed. Yet, as annoying as they are, bees are an important part of the local ecosystem. Rather than eradicating them altogether, we provide humane removal services in Kyle, Texas. Our fast, same-day services enable you to enjoy pest-free premises as soon as possible.
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Removal Services in Kyle, TX

Keith’s Bee Service uses a natural approach to removing bees from your home or business. Our non-toxic, non-invasive treatments do not pose hazards to people and pets and will not cause damage to buildings and grounds. Our fast-acting approach allows us to provide prompt service so your routine isn’t needlessly interrupted.

  • Chemical-free treatment

    Since we don’t use chemicals to control their populations, you don’t have to worry about noxious fumes posing hazards to you, your family, and your pets. We use an organic compound to neutralize bees so they can be relocated safely.

  • No-kill removal

    Rather than killing bees, we tranquilize them so they can be moved to another location where they won’t pose a danger to others. Our humane approach ensures that the bees do not suffer harm, either.

  • Same day service

    When you use chemicals to get rid of bees, you usually have to stay away from your property for up to one day to allow the fumes to dissipate. Because we use non-toxic, non-invasive remedies, we can perform same-day service so you can get bee infestations taken care of promptly without risking damage to your property.

  • One-year guarantee

    We offer a one-year guarantee on our bee control services and assure complete peace of mind that when we’re done, bees won’t be troubling you again anytime soon. We offer a six month guarantee on Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Removal.

Extermination in Kyle, TX

When people encounter an infestation of bees or other swarming insects, they often think the only solution is to decimate the colony to ensure the nuisance is gone for good. But while they can be annoying, bees also make vital contributions to the environment. Our solutions ensure maximum safety to people and animals while maintaining local ecosystems.

  • Chemical-Free Treatment

    We do not resort to toxic chemicals to treat your home and property. Instead, we use organic compounds that will not pose safety hazards to people and animals.

  • No-Kill Removal

    Our humane approach ensures that bees are not killed in the removal process. We neutralize them so they can be moved to another location where they can breed and feed without suffering harm or posing hazards to others.

  • Same-Day Service

    We’re available to provide the prompt, efficient service you expect and deserve. We can come to your home or business the same day you contact us.

  • One-Year Guarantee

    We offer a one-year guarantee on our services and assure complete peace of mind that when we’re done, bees won’t be troubling you again anytime soon. We offer a six month guarantee on Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Removal.

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Points of Interest & Activities in Kyle, TX

If you’ve just moved to Kyle, Texas, or opened a business here, you might be wondering about nearby activities you can enjoy in your spare time. Here are some points of interest you might like to explore.

  • Paddle with Style

    If you’re looking for a way to spend time in nature while switching up your exercise routine, Paddle with Style offers river kayaking and canoeing for the whole family. From classes to competitions, summer camps to recreational canoeing, Paddle with Style provides plenty of opportunities for adventure and fun.

  • Evo Entertainment

    Evo Entertainment has something for everyone. If you want to catch a movie, grab a bite to eat, or try to bowl a perfect 300, you can do it all under one roof at Evo Entertainment. They have a location right here in Kyle.

  • Kyle Railroad Museum and Heritage Center

    This is a great place to visit, especially if you’re a train enthusiast (or have children who are). You can take a tour and explore the history of the railroad and how it impacted the national and local economy. Explore different rooms and even check books out of the small on-site library.

  • Doc’s Drive-In Theatre

    Doc’s Drive-In Theatre in Austin is more than just a place to park your car and see a movie — although you can certainly do that. This family-friendly venue also offers dining and short-term rentals at their Hollywood-themed Weewok Village next to the drive-in. Doc’s Drive-In is the area’s go-to hub for the ultimate luxury mini-vacation.

  • Two Wheel Brewing Company

    Located near South Austin, Two Wheel Brewing Company offers an impressive selection of craft beers. Visit their site to learn more about what’s on tap.

Do You Need Removal or Extermination Services in Kyle, Texas?

If you’re experiencing an infestation at your home or place of business, you need a fast, effective solution that won’t prove hazardous to you and the people and animals around you. Our non-toxic, non-invasive approach removes bees safely and humanely so you can go about your day with minimal disruption.

Kyle Bee FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions to give you a rundown of our services at a glance. If you’re looking for a quick, hassle-free approach to getting rid of bees and swarming insects in the safest way possible, contact us to learn more or to schedule a service appointment.

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  • How Soon Can I Have Bees Removed in Kyle, Texas?

    Because we’re available to provide fast, efficient service, we can be on your property the same day you contact us, and we’ll have your infestation taken care of right away.

  • How Invasive Are Your Removal Techniques?

    Our removal techniques are completely non-invasive, so there is no risk of damage to your home or business and the surrounding property.

  • Do You Kill the Bees When You Remove Them?

    No. Our non-toxic solution neutralizes the bees so we can safely relocate them where they can no longer wreak havoc on your property.

  • Do You Guarantee Your Services?

    Absolutely! We offer a one-year guarantee. If, within that time frame, the bees return, or you discover a trouble spot we may have missed, we’ll come back and make sure the swarming insects have been completely removed and relocated.