August 18, 2021

Tricia Schulze

"Keith was great! He helped is with a bee infestation that was hidden in an exterior wall by our front door. He was extremely responsive and even came back a second time at no additional charge!!!!"
August 12, 2021

Julien Djadane

"Amazing service, reliability and Keith spent even more time to explain me what he was doing. I would recommend strongly to use Keith's Bee Service."
August 11, 2021

George Garcia

"They came and one hour later the carpenter Bees that had terrorized our home were gone. Completely and without incident. I am highly Pleased with the result."
August 5, 2021

Lisa Killander

"Keith's Bee has always responded promptly and charged fair prices for their service."
August 3, 2021

Lisa Power

"Chris did a wonderful job of evicting wasps living in my mom’s wall. Glad we called Keith’s Bee Service first. Fast and responsive communication with a reasonable price. Call this company if you need to get the nasty bugs gone ASAP!"
Keith's Bee Service