July 18, 2022

Milan MGR

"Did a good job. Thank you!"
July 18, 2022


"Within hours all of our red wasps, yellow jackets, mud dauber, paper wasps were gone. We can now open our front door without fear. We are very happy with the job Keith did. Thank you very much! I waited a few days to post this review just in case but we haven't seen anything other than butterflies! Update: we no longer have a problem with ants invading the cat food we leave out for our cats. Very few flies too. What a nice added bonus!"
July 14, 2022

Stephen Geis

"Used Keith's services before, very satisfied with his professionalism. Did a great job at a very reasonable price. Previous job had bids up to $3000, Keith did it for $866. Great job, highly recommend Keih's services."
June 26, 2022

David Vaughan DeVine

"Keith was great! He responded quickly to my problem and came out on the next business day to remove a wasp nest from my property. Will definitely call him in the future if another problem arises!"
June 23, 2022

Allison Hardy

"This is an amazing service and company. I had my home pretreated before winter was over. The wasps don’t like the taste of the treatment."
Keith's Bee Service