January 14, 2021

R Patterson

"Had a nest removed from a tree several years ago; the bees have not returned."
December 18, 2020

Lisa Wilson

"I was very pleased with Keith’s knowledge about removing bees and sealing all entry points in our home to prevent rodents and critters from entering...either from the ground or on the roof. Great job Keith!"
December 10, 2020

Ashley Mckinnon

"Arrived on time, took the time to explain everything he was doing, and guarantees his work for 5-6 months. Good price and great service, I'll definitely continue using him to keep my house bee free!"
November 29, 2020

Lee Ann Bailey

"I have used Keith's Bee Service several times, They are fast, friendly, and the cost I thought was very reasonable for what they did. Even my Mother-in-law was happy with Keith's Bee Service at her house and that alone speaks volumes of praises."
November 21, 2020

Rhonda Peters

"Keith's Bee Service took great care to protect the Bees & safely relocated them On another visit Keith's Bee Service took care of a Large wasp community, it appeared that there were 100' s of wasp. Before Keith's came I was stung 13 X. A week later I checked the wasp nest & it was gone."
Keith's Bee Service