July 19, 2020

"Keith's Bee Service did a great job. Twice. Once several years back and again this year. We have a large garden which seems to attract bee's and on occasion whole hives. Keith's team came out and removed the hive and took the bee hive out to pasture. And they use high tech options to be sure how to take care of the issue before they start the work. Got the job done in a few hours. Highly recommended."
July 18, 2020

"Keith's Bee Service was SUPER helpful, and even came out during a pandemic! The bee hive that was removed was quite large, bigger than he has ever seen and still handled it like a pro!! Will use his services again if need BEE!! ;)"
July 16, 2020

July 15, 2020

"I came across some bees in our attic so called around looking for some help to find out if we had a nest. Keith's bees responded quickly, came right out to inspect our property, were very thorough, sprayed some deterrent and stayed to monitor the bee activity. They are very knowledgeable and were happy to answer my many questions. I learned a lot from them that day, and they permanently cleared our attic of bee scouts. Thanks very much Keith's bees!!"
July 14, 2020

Keith's Bee Service