September 12, 2017

Michelle Reyes

"Thank you for answering my phone call on a weekend so quickly ! We really appreciated all the advice and you being at my house first thing the next morning !! 100% recommend you guys !! Thank you again !!"
September 6, 2017

Jim Morelli

"I recently had an issue with wasps in my backyard and under my deck. Lucky for me I found Keith's. They came out the next day after I contacted them and for a reasonable fee eradicated the the issue. Thanks for a job well done."
September 5, 2017

Tom Colwell

"Tyler was very professional and informative. All that is left of the swarm is a golf ball sized clump and, according to Tyler, they will disperse in a week or so. It was well worth the money."
September 1, 2017

Adrian D.

"Service was fast and Keith was cool. He schooled my dad and I on some bee facts and told us to check out the bee shop sometime. Great business and was significantly cheaper than the other two businesses I contacted."
August 26, 2017

Jayson Long

"We were having issues with bees getting into our apartment and coming through our air vents and Tyler was able to diagnose the problem right away. Turns out we had a bee hive with around 100,000 bees in our ceiling! He was able to cut a 1-foot hole in the ceiling, knowing exactly where the hive was located, and was finished with the removal within an hour. Tyler was awesome and super professional - definitely knew his stuff! Would highly recommend to anyone with bee problems."
Keith's Bee Service