March 25, 2021

Chris Curtis

"Very good company. Professional, thorough, friendly. Would definitely recommend!"
March 5, 2021

Juliann Rosales via

"Great experience working with Keith! We had a hive in our yard for a few years that was contained in an electrical cylinder. We always left the bees alone as we want to save the bees. But after our dogs got stung we knew it was time to humanely re-home them. Keith was able to fit us into his schedule the same day I called for a reasonable price. He came on time and thoroughly answered my questions and explained his process. Within a matter of minutes he had removed the hive which was luckily not very big. I also appreciate the fact that Keith deodorizes the area of the hive to prevent the bees from returning and warrants his work for a year. Definitely recommend his services to anyone needing it. He’s a kind and true professional."
March 3, 2021

Bill & Pam Burnett

"We've been with Keith since 2018 when he removed a large (150#) bee hive from our eves in the back of the house and appreciate all he has done for our wasp control - highly recommend his services -"
March 2, 2021

Cynthia Lyons

"Twice I have had bees get into the ceiling of my front bay window approximately 1 year apart. Both times, the bee removal professional had to remove the hive by cutting into my ceiling. He first uses something to subdue the bees, then vacuums them up saving the queen & the honey. He relocates them to apiaries in near Spicewood. Then he uses screws to attach the ceiling drywall piece back where he had to cut it. I will need to eventually have my ceiling repaired, but he put wire mesh in the weep holes between the brick exterior where the bees were entering my house to prevent them from being able to return again. I am very happy that he is able to save the hive by relocating them to a place where they can thrive. He cleans up as much as possible, but the honey does kind of get everywhere in the area where the extraction was done. But it was easy to clean up w/ water & a paper towel. I recommend Keith's Bee Service for any bee removal needs you have"
February 13, 2021

Kathy Cox v

"We had bees in our walls, and they did a great job, took them away, and they never came back!"
Keith's Bee Service