June 12, 2023

"Great guy! Fast, efficient, and friendly!"
June 6, 2023

"I new hive of honeybees decided to make their new home in one of our sprinkler valve boxes. I needed to have it relocated pretty quickly in order to ensure the safety of the landscaping staff before they unknowingly mowed over and agitated the hive. Keith's Bee Service was out in 2 days, explained the procedure, were very knowledgeable and quick. It was nice to know that the bees weren't going to be killed and were being relocated to a hive where they continue to 'bee' productive, pollinate our crops and make their honey."
June 4, 2023

"Quick service, reasonable price, they got the job done."
May 30, 2023

"Quick, efficient, and even came out on Memorial Day. Very thankful."
May 29, 2023

"They were very quick to answer the phone, came out very quickly and dealt with the situation very efficiently, even double checking my personal concerns. They even came out for me on Memorial Day so I am very thankful and would highly recommend them."
Keith's Bee Service