September 3, 2021

Eric Graham

"We had a softball size nest of Yellow Jackets with probably around 30 active wasps. Tyler came out early morning on a Friday and removed them within 30 minutes. The whole thing was painless, and they were all real nice and professional. Would definitely recommend them."
August 22, 2021

Steve Roberts

"We found a bee hive in a tall red oak that blew over. Keith sent a technician who vacuumed up a large number of bees to be rehomed to a new hive. He then sealed the 1" entry hole. The remaining bees used alternative entry points which were progressively sealed after more visits for treatment. Then Keith the came out personally and cut wedges out of the trunk to expose the old comb which ran for approx 12 feet up the hollow tree, probably housing 60,000 to 80,000 bees when the tree blew down. Long story short, we are now bee free and can safely remove the fallen tree. Not many business owners would have honored their guarantee like Keith did, he is honest and knowledgeable. Give him a call if you discover honey bees living in or near your home!! Thanks Keith!!"
August 18, 2021

Tricia Schulze

"Keith was great! He helped is with a bee infestation that was hidden in an exterior wall by our front door. He was extremely responsive and even came back a second time at no additional charge!!!!"
August 12, 2021

Julien Djadane

"Amazing service, reliability and Keith spent even more time to explain me what he was doing. I would recommend strongly to use Keith's Bee Service."
August 11, 2021

George Garcia

"They came and one hour later the carpenter Bees that had terrorized our home were gone. Completely and without incident. I am highly Pleased with the result."
Keith's Bee Service